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Black Jewish Relations Press Conference 7.28.2020 - Shared screen with gallery view
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Senator Anthony Williams
To Annie McCormick, I will not work or align with the Philadelphia chapter of the NAACP as long as it is headed by Minister Muhammad.
Senator Anthony Williams
From Senator Anthony Williams
Rep. Joanna McClinton
The NAACP was founded to fight against this type of intolerance and injustice - I am calling for Minister Muhammad's resignation and am certain his further service will prohibit the organization from fulfilling its purpose. - Rep. Joanna McClinton
Councilwoman Jaime Gautier
I think Minister Muhammad should resign. I don’t see how it’s possible to have someone with anti-Semitic views leading one of our most important civil rights organizations.
Shira Goodman
The ADL does not take a position on specific employment or disciplinary decisions. That is a decision for the NAACP Board, leadership and members. We heard from some of those today.